Insulated Hammock

Three Season Insulated Hammock

Introducing Insulhammock, the three season insulated hammock designed for quick and easy deployment while offering consistent performance characteristics in terms of comfort and warmth. Camping hammocks have been the preferred method, for many outdoor enthusiasts, of camping for many years. Impervious to the irregularities and dampness of the ground below, camping hammocks may be placed almost anywhere there are trees without dead branches overhead. New materials have permitted lighter weights and greater compressibility, making them ideal for transport. When complemented with a rain repellent tarp, a camping hammock offers it's owner comfort even in less than ideal weather conditions.

People who have experience with camping hammocks use various ways to stay warm. Many choose to complement their hammock with pads, laid in the bottom of hammock, or with under quilts that attach to the bottom of the hammock. Then, if needed, a blanket or top quilt is used. The Insulhammock combines the insulation needed to stay warm with the hammock to support your weight. Since the insulation is attached to the hammock, speed of deployment, and consistent performance of the insulation, offers an ideal camping hammock, providing the same comfort, setup after setup.

Insulhammock Packed

Here, the Insulhammock camping hammock, and suspension system, is shown stored in a compression sack, along side a one pint water bottle for size reference. Along with the insulation and the hammock, a straightforward, easy to use, suspension system is also included. This suspension system offers 1 inch wide, tree friendly straps, a carabineer used to quickly attach strap to tree, and an easy to use adjustment buckle that will permit your camping hammock to be suspended between trees of varying distances apart. For more information about the Insulhammock, visit our Insulhammock page.